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Q & A Friday

August 27, 2010 2 comments

Q & A Friday - The slap that brings you back to reality.

Q: Have a question regarding strongman training.  I recently bought a Prowler and Rickshaw from Elite Fitness and am currently looking for a large tire for “flipping.”  I have been performing 4 sets of both Prowler and Richshaw each, but am looking for new ways to combine the 2 exercises.  Any ideas?

Bryan – East Moriches, NY

A: Bryan, my favorite method for performing strongman events is to combine multiple exercises together into a “series” or “medley.”  Depending on the nature of the exercise, I might perform an exercise for reps, tire flips and sledge hammer strikes, or for distance, sled, prowler and rickshaw.  Additionally, I vary the reps performed, depending on the desired effect.  For instance, for an accumulation phase, I might push the prowler for 50 yards, whereas during an intensification phase, I might go only 20 yards.

One other consideration, is to ensure you perform 1-2 warm up sets with the implements you’re using.  I often see people warming up for their strongman workout, by performing barbell squats, which won’t help prepare your muscles and nervous system for the work they’re about to perform.

My favorite series for strongman training: tire flip, prowler push and rickshaw carry, for 8 sets.  I normally rest 2 minutes between each set, with the first 2 being warm up sets.

This was my first warm up set for the workout and worked up to heavier weights for the last 6 sets.  Distances used: tire flip 6 reps, prowler 20 yards, richshaw 40 yards.  Notice I had my stop watch around my neck, to keep my rest periods honest

Give this workout a try and I’m certain it’ll come to be one of your favorites as well.

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