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What’s On My iPod??? Part 3

When it comes to introducing cool music to the world, there’s Dick Clark and me…sort of like a Hispanic Dick Clark…only with way cooler hair, better complexion, less wrinkly…actually, let’s forget the Dick Clark reference and concentrate on this installment of cool music.  This time, I reach back in time to “recycle” some old school hits.  First up…

This song was a sleeper hit in ’96…before most of you were born.  “Portable phone”…yep, this song is old!  Next…

I think this is Young MC’s best song…yes, even better than “Bust a move.”  Coming up next:

Come on guys, haven’t we all felt like this at least once?! Don’t leave me hangin’…

These last two are to introduce more class in your life, I mean other than the box of wine and Zimas you keep in your refrigerator…Adam.

Watch the 3:00-3:20 mark, you’ll thank me later.  I know what you’re thinking “You lift weights AND like opera?”  That’s right ladies, I’m the total package…the line starts on the left.

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