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The average person, according to the most recent figures from Nielsen Media Research Inc., watches TV for 4 hours and 45 minutes every day.  However, per week that adds up to just over 33 hours. That is 33 hours EVERY week. For the average adults, watching television is another full-time job.

This explains why you have failed in your attempts to achieve the healthy, lean body you have always wanted.  Using the excuse “I don’t have time,” no longer fools anyone, but yourself.  You sit there on your couch, jealously envying and admiring the people on your mindless entertainment device…wondering what secrets they possess to achieve a healthy and athletic build.  Their secret?  Consistency. They consistently find time to challenge their bodies to do more work today, than the day before.  They consistently eat foods humans were meant to eat…nutrient rich foods that nourish and repair the body.  Notice I used the word “consistent” and not “perfect.”  No one is perfect…but everyone can be consistent. 
I will not feel sympathy for you. However, I will motivate and inspire you…and when you’re ready, I’ll lead you towards your fitness goals.

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