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Wait, What’s On My Food?! Free iPhone App Gives You The Scary Details

In general, it’s better to go organic when you’re buying food. While it’s not always the case that you’re getting something free of herbicides, pesticides and other gross stuff, the odds are at least improved. In fact, some foodies think that sometimes it’s just not worth the money to buy organic, since what goes on the produce isn’t that bad. But what is on your food – which toxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors? A free app from the Pesticide Action Network tells you just what you need to be wary of.

What’s On My Food is a free app, and while you might not want to know what’s on everything you put in your body, it will certainly help prompt you into making safer choices either when you buy, or when you get your food home and need to wash and cook it.

The app has over 90 foods in the database so far, and tells you what chemicals are on them so you know when you’re being greenwashed and when you need to be vigilant.

From the iTunes site, “Using independent science and decades of experience in the field of pesticide reform, Pesticide Action Network’s new tool links pesticide residue data with the health information (toxicology) for each chemical, making this information publicly available for the first time. As it turns out, some pesticides are really scary while others aren’t so bad — the trick is sorting these risks according to what matters most to you.”

The information uses data from toxicology data cross-referenced with multiple authoritative listings, PAN’s Pesticide Info database, which tracks toxicity, chemical composition and regulatory information on thousands of pesticides, and millions of tests from USDA’s Pesticide Data Program. With it, you can see which health risks are associated with particular pesticides, a conventional vs organic comparison on most of the foods, and links to more information and ways you can take action.

Sounds like a handy app to have on hand when you head to your produce department.

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