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Tip # 55: Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Scientists have proved for the first time that fructose, a cheap form of sugar used in thousands of food products and soft drinks, can damage human metabolism and is fueling the obesity crisis.

High fructose corn syrup, a sweetener usually derived from corn, can cause dangerous growths of fat cells around vital organs and is able to trigger the early stages of diabetes and heart disease.  Over 10 weeks, 16 volunteers on a controlled diet including high levels of fructose corn syrup produced new fat cells around their heart, liver and other digestive organs. They also showed signs of food-processing abnormalities linked to diabetes and heart disease. Another group of volunteers on the same diet, but with glucose sugar replacing high fructose corn syrup, did not have these problems.

  1. April 5, 2010 at 04:38

    The actual means by which HFCS and excessive fructose intake causes the damage that leads to diabetes and heart disease is discussed in this paper
    Immunological detection of fructose-derived advanced glycation end-products
    For those without access to the full text here are a few quotes from the discussion section
    We suggest that fructose contributes importantly to AGEs formation because of its approximately eightfold higher reactivity………the high reactivity of fructose may contribute substantially to the formation of intracellular Fru-AGE and may lead to alteration in the function of cellular proteins, the dysfunction of cells and, subsequently, to vascular complications……..Our study suggests that Fru-AGE is present in appreciable levels in common beverages and condiments and exogenous, dietary Fru-AGE may contribute to the accumulation of Fru-AGE in the body. The increased usage of fructose in cooking may cause adverse health effects. AGEs form during the heating of common foods and, in contrast to in vivo AGEs formation, they can develop during cooking much more rapidly and in far greater concentrations…. Dietary AGEs have been shown to accelerate the progression of nephropathy and to shorten survival times in an animal model of diabetes.
    In human diabetes, the mean concentration of C-reactive protein was 135% higher when the diet was high in AGEs than when cooking methods were altered to reduce the dietary AGEs content.
    …………..an individual drinking Fru-AGE-rich beverages and foods every day may wish to restrict their intake……Fructose promotes the formation of Fru-AGE both intracellularly and extracellularly.
    It is possible that Fru-AGE formation by these endogenous and exogenous routes contributes importantly to the tissue pathology of diabetes and aging

    I was shocked to find that what I thought were “healthy” Probiotic yoghurt drinks contain HFCS (or it’s pseudonyms) and are a high source of fructose-derived advanced glycation end-products.

    • April 5, 2010 at 12:16

      We could write a book on all the “healthy” foods containing HFCS. It’s a complete sham.

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