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Tip # 54: Genetically Modified Food & Organ Damage

In what is being described as the first ever and most comprehensive study of the effects of genetically modified foods (GMO) on mammalian health, researchers have linked organ damage with consumption of Monsanto’s GM maize.  Three varieties of Monsanto’s GM corn were approved for consumption by U.S., European and several other national food safety authorities. The damaging effects were found in an analysis of Monsanto’s confidential raw data of its 2002 feeding trials on rats — the same data, ironically, that was used to gain that approval.  The data showed adverse impacts on the kidneys and liver, as well as different levels of damages to the heart, adrenal glands, and spleen.

Are you eating Genetically Modified Foods? Do you know how to tell?  You can easily tell whether the produce you purchase at the grocery store is a GMO just by looking at the PLU (price look up) code.

Here are the rules:
If the PLU is 5 digits and begins with an 8, then it a GMO.

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