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Ample Harvest’s iPhone App Matches Gardeners with Hungry Neighbors

While Americans throw out 100 billion tons of food waste every year – from items that don’t sell on store shelves to leftover food from restaurants, and other sources – about 49 million Americans have empty bellies. Food pantries are a huge help for the hunger problem, but stocking them can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where Ample Harvest hopes to help out by putting those 49 million hungry people in closer connection with the roughly 41 million gardeners who grow food in their own back yards. 

Overflowing With A Harvest? Find a Food Bank!

Many gardeners are familiar with a certain thought that hits when you have a good harvest: “What am I going to do with all this [insert crop here]?” Stocking food pantries is a great solution for when your garden is overflowing with food. You’re giving your hungry neighbors nutritious, locally grown food. Ample Harvest facilitates your hunt for where to donate, including a new iPhone app.

The free iPhone app helps gardeners find local food pantries in need of their overabundant, healthy and organic produce. It also matches shoppers up with local pantries, so when you find something on sale in the grocery store, you can buy extra and take it to the pantry to help your neighbors who don’t have enough to eat.

Donating Your Extra Harvest Helps Overall Community Health
Fresh food from your garden going to those who need something to eat has benefits beyond a full belly. As Ample Harvest states, “Because canned vegetables are often processed with extra salt and fruit with a sugary syrup, either of which can contribute to future health problems (high weight or blood pressure, diabetes, etc), some writers have suggested that the availability of fresh produce at food pantries through the AmpleHarvest.org Campaign may help to lower the future health care costs in America.”

The Cheap Solution For Helping Out in Tough Times
So this spring, as you plant your garden – whether it be a container garden on your fire escape or rooftop, your square plot in a community garden, or in beds in your back yard – consider planting just a little extra. It likely won’t cost you any more than usual to raise one or two extra bunches of herbs, or vegetables. When you harvest, you can use Ample Harvest’s website or app to find out where to donate the extra food, and you’ll help feed your neighbors nutritious meals of local food.

“Although many Americans are themselves suffering from economic difficulties, the AmpleHarvest.org Campaign enables gardeners to help diminish hunger in their community by reaching into their back yard instead of their back pocket.”

Want good karma?  Please pass this post to everyone you know, by working together, we can help reduce hunger.

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