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BOLO of the Week…Annelise Hagen

If you’ve ever had the privilege of serving in the US Armed Forces, then you know what BOLO stands for…if you don’t, then find someone who served, and ask them.  Then buy them a beer for defending your freedom.

Annelise Hagen gets the distinct honor of being our first “BOLO of the Week.”  Annelise is a perfect example of people doing things differently solely for the sake of being cute and different, not because it’s a more efficient or productive technique.

Annelise has conned several TV show producers into believing that she can give women “bee stung” lips by doing a few facial exercises.  Once again proof that the quickest way to riches is to tell people what they want to hear.

 Annelise Hagen you are our “BOLO of the Week.”

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