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The UFC’s Georges St-Pierre & Pierre Roy

Georges St-Pierre will defend his UFC welterweight title once more, at UFC 111 in Newark, N.J., March 27 against Britain’s Dan Hardy. 

While St-Pierre has always displayed superb athleticism in the octagon, on March 27, expect for him to yet again raise the bar for MMA strength and conditioning.  To prepare him for his fight, St-Pierre hired one of the most successful strength coaches in the world…Pierre Roy.

A former coach of the Canadian Olympic weightlifting team, Pierre has coached numerous weightlifters who have competed in National and World Championships, as well as the Olympics.  Here’s a video of Pierre working with St-Pierre.

Watch the 3:10 mark.

In January of this year, I was fortunate to work alongside Pierre for his Developing Explosive Strength seminar.  Explosive strength is one of the key determinants for successfully competing at the top levels of your sport.  Whether you want jump higher, increase throwing velocity, or in the case of St-Pierre, develop more powerful kicks and punches, it all begins with learning how to develop your explosive strength.

Here are a few topics covered by Pierre:

  • How to teach a novice to master an Olympic lift in 20 minutes
  • The best drills to develop the power to overcome inertia
  • All the variations of the snatch and the clean and jerk exercises and their application to sports
  • The best loading parameters to develop explosive strength
  • How to periodize the development of explosive strength

While strength is important for most sports, the difference between winning and coming in second place, is the balance between strength and speed.             

 Having trained with Pierre, I am a better coach,  just as I’m certain St-Pierre is a better MMA athlete by having him as his strength coach.

Be sure to catch the fight on March 27.

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