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Tip #30: Avoid Farm Raised Salmon.

In the 1980s, commercial fisheries produced more than 99% of salmon consumed worldwide. Today, they catch less than 40%. Farm raised salmon represents one of the fastest- growing and most lucrative segments of the aquaculture industry. Too bad their product sucks. Farm raised salmon have repeatedly been shown to have up to 10 times higher levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other environmental toxins than wild salmon. Researchers believe the culprit is the feed given to the farm raised salmon, which is made of ground up small fish tainted with pesticides and industrial byproducts.  Farm raised salmon are raised in ocean pens, where thousands are squeezed in together, making it easier to spread diseases. In order to control the spread of diseases and parasites, the farm raised salmon are fed antibiotics.  To make matters worse, escaped farm raised salmon have reduced the number of wild salmon by passing along diseases and parasites. Farm raised salmon, because of their all grain diet possess higher omega-6 content than wild salmon. As we have previously discussed, the Western diet is already too rich in the inflammatory omega-6s.

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