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Gym Etiquette 101

As my mother told me when I was a young boy, anytime you put groups of sweaty people together in small spaces, there’s going to be problems…the gym is no exception.  Unfortunately, most of these problems stem from gyms not posting rules for how their members should behave.  No more! Today, we start a new blog series, posting unspoken rules of etiquette that all of us should be familiar with, whether you’re a veteran gym rat or a newbie.

Rule #1 Don’t Hog Equipment

A gym is a community, which means sharing is mandatory, not optional.  Your monthly membership dues do not give you ownership of the exercise equipment…it’s more like a time share.  And your time share starts the moment you begin your set, and ends once you’re done performing your last repetition.  Here’s the CliffsNotes version: perform your repetitions, move on.  If you’re performing multiple sets, take your rest period away from the exercise equipment.  Remember, you’re sweating and no one wants to be reminded of the smell of French cheese..not even the French.

While I’m at it, you should never read while you’re training.  You would think it shouldn’t need mentioning, but in the past 2 years, I have personally witnessed 11 people reading while weight training.  There’s a Russian proverb “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.”  If you’re capable of reading a book while exercising, then you’re working at such a low intensity, that you might as well be on your couch watching your favorite episode of “Hardcastle and McCormick.”  Plus, your recall of the material you’re reading will be none existent.

Print out copies of  this blog post to keep handy the next time someone decides to spend their lunch hour on the leg curl.

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