Baseball, Steroids and Heroes

I have received numerous emails this past week, regarding the latest steroid scandal in MLB. This time, the Red Sox’s own David Ortiz is the latest name revealed from an “anonymous” list of baseball players who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003. It appears some of you are interested in my opinion, so here it is: I don’t care. At some point, I used to, but not anymore. Here’s a stat that will make you question your allegiance to MLB, from 1995 to 2005, 14 out of 22 MVP awards were won by players linked to steroids. However, I will say this…whatever the rules, follow them. And if you get caught, then ‘fess up like a man, don’t hide behind your PR machine. The 7-year old little league player who wears your jersey, deserves it.
While I’m on a roll, would you please quit referring to professional athletes as “heroes.” Applying the word “hero” to someone who is paid money to play a sport, cheapens the word. In 2004, while your favorite MLB star was taking steroids to help him play a game, this country lost a real hero: Sgt. Christopher Ramirez.

Sgt. Christopher Ramirez
April 16, 2004
I know about Sgt. Ramirez, because he is from my home town of McAllen, Texas. On April 16, 2004, Sgt. Ramirez was leading his platoon in Iraq, when they came under fire. Being a true leader, Sgt. Ramirez took the offensive and engaged the enemy, where he was mortally wounded. Because of his actions that day, all his men survived.
It amazes me that people can recite from memory, batting averages of numerous players, people they have never met, but can’t name even one person from their home town who currently serves in the armed forces. Remember, athletes may entertain you, but members of the armed forces give you freedom. So next time you feel like going to a ball game, save the money you would have spent on tickets, nachos, and stale beer, and put it to good use:
And if you really have your heart set on admiring an athlete for their drive, determination, and testicular fortitude, someone your children can learn from, then allow me to introduce you to Cody McCasland.

Team Cody

Now you know why I lower my head and chuckle in disgust when a TV sports announcer refers to the juice freak who just hit a home run as a “hero.” We both know better, don’t we?

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