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Tired of women calling you “Linguine arms?” Have complete strangers come up to you and said “You have a string hanging out of your shirt sleeve,” only to look down and realize they were talking about your arm? Then give this exercise a try: wrist curled back barbell curl.

To perform, grab the barbell with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Before lifting the barbell, curl your hands back and away from you, keeping them locked in this position. Keeping your wrist curled back, takes the forearms out of the motion, placing a greater demand on your biceps.

Key Points

  • Keep wrist cocked back for the entire exercise
  • Keep elbows by your sides
  • Lift the barbell, do not swing it

One of the keys to developing huge arms is performing a variety of exercises. Take a break from the seated dumbbell curls and perform this exercise for the next few weeks. Perhaps then, you’ll no longer be known as “Linguine arms.”

Thanks to Mystic Muscle for allowing us to use their facility.

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