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Q & A Friday

August 27, 2010 2 comments

Q & A Friday - The slap that brings you back to reality.

Q: Have a question regarding strongman training.  I recently bought a Prowler and Rickshaw from Elite Fitness and am currently looking for a large tire for “flipping.”  I have been performing 4 sets of both Prowler and Richshaw each, but am looking for new ways to combine the 2 exercises.  Any ideas?

Bryan – East Moriches, NY

A: Bryan, my favorite method for performing strongman events is to combine multiple exercises together into a “series” or “medley.”  Depending on the nature of the exercise, I might perform an exercise for reps, tire flips and sledge hammer strikes, or for distance, sled, prowler and rickshaw.  Additionally, I vary the reps performed, depending on the desired effect.  For instance, for an accumulation phase, I might push the prowler for 50 yards, whereas during an intensification phase, I might go only 20 yards.

One other consideration, is to ensure you perform 1-2 warm up sets with the implements you’re using.  I often see people warming up for their strongman workout, by performing barbell squats, which won’t help prepare your muscles and nervous system for the work they’re about to perform.

My favorite series for strongman training: tire flip, prowler push and rickshaw carry, for 8 sets.  I normally rest 2 minutes between each set, with the first 2 being warm up sets.

This was my first warm up set for the workout and worked up to heavier weights for the last 6 sets.  Distances used: tire flip 6 reps, prowler 20 yards, richshaw 40 yards.  Notice I had my stop watch around my neck, to keep my rest periods honest

Give this workout a try and I’m certain it’ll come to be one of your favorites as well.

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Welcome S.W.A.T. Magazine Readers

August 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Greetings to all fellow S.W.A.T Magazine readers. Since the September 2010 issue hit the newsstands, I have received numerous emails from readers in appreciation of my article on building grip strength for defensive purposes.

I have been an avid S.W.A.T. Magazine reader from the first issue, and an honored to have my work featured in a publication read by the finest law enforcement and military personnel from around the world.

Starting within the next few days, I will begin to regularly post articles and videos on topics of interest to those that place themselves in harms way.  My goal is to provide you with the best information and techniques to maximize your time in the gym, which will keep you safe on the “streets” and in the “field.”

If there are any topics you’d like to for me to tackle, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through this blog.

A sincere “thank you” goes to Denny Hansen, for giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge with his dedicated readers.

DIY Organic Twinkies!!!

May 31, 2010 2 comments

What could possibly be better than organic twinkies?  Apparently, you can have your cake and eat it too…but only if it’s organic.  After all, calories from organic foods don’t “count,” do they?

It’s Memorial Day

May 30, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s Memorial Day…the one day out of the year the US celebrates, honors and commemorates its men and women who died while in the military service. 

Personally, I believe one day out of the year, is hardly sufficient.  The reason you and I sleep well at night, is because of the men and women out there…watching over us.  So the next time you see one of out military personnel, shake their hand, buy them a beer, and thank them for their service.  Allow me to introduce to you to one such hero, Sgt. Christopher Ramirez.

I know about Sgt. Ramirez, because he is from my home town of McAllen, Texas. On April 16, 2004, Sgt. Ramirez was leading his platoon in Iraq, when they came under enemy fire. Being a true leader, Sgt. Ramirez took the offensive and engaged the enemy until he was mortally wounded.  By taking the fight to the enemy and keeping them occupied with his suppressing fire, Sgt. Ramirez’s men were able to seek defensive positions.  Because of his heroic actions that day, all of his men survived.
A true leader does what he has to do, not what he wants to do.


If you are able,
save for them a place
inside of you
and save one backward glance
when you are leaving
for the places they can
no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say
you loved them,
though you may
or may not have always.
Take what they have left
and what they have taught you
with their dying
and keep it with your own.
And in that time
when men decide and feel safe
to call the war insane,
take one moment to embrace
those gentle heroes
you left behind.
Major Michael Davis O’Donnell
1 January 1970
Dak To, Vietnam

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How to Grill Dead Animal Flesh…Like A Man

May 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Here in the US, it’s Memorial Day weekend, which signals the official kick-off to the outdoor grilling season.  This year, if you want to spare your family one more year of eating hotdogs and hamburgers which resemble charcoal briquettes, watch the video.  I’m in the process of BBQing a prime rib right now.  So if you excuse me…it’s time for a beer.  “What kind” you ask?  Click here to find out…

RIP Dennis Hopper

The Red Bull Diet Plan

May 28, 2010 Leave a comment

When Brooke Robertson, 23 years old, of New Zealand, chugged a couple Red Bulls one day, she made an unusual discovery: She wasn’t hungry.  This discovery snapped into place in the context of Brooke’s depression about weighing 231 pounds. 

 For the next 8 months, Brooke ingested nothing but 10 to 14 Red Bull energy drinks per day, and a handful of dry cereal, going from 231 pounds to 132 pounds.

 Saying the expensive Red Bull diet ($20-28 per day) was not a conscious decision at first, the reckless Brooke Robertson said.

“I just started drinking it. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating – I was exhausted.  I just continued to drink it because it’s an appetite suppressant and I noticed I was losing weight so stuck with it.”

Despite the piling up of Red Bull empty cans, Brooke said that she somehow managed to keep her Red Bull energy drink addiction secret from family and friends.

The Red Bull diet sage ended when Brooke Robertson, with her body obviously overwhelmed with the high caffeine and sugar intake, suffered from a heart attack.

“I managed to wean myself off it by being in hospital for that long but I had severe withdrawals – sweating, nausea, shaking. It was an addiction

Discovering a Red Bull energy drink diet might actually kill her, Brooke Robertson now says she maintains her weight through real life conventional exercise and a healthy eating diet.

But the long-term heath problems for Brooke persist, she still suffers from heart problems, gets severe pain and cramping in her stomach and bowel, and suffers anxiety attacks from the caffeine and sugar Red Bull addiction, all at the youthful age of 23…but at least she lost weight, right?

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